I'm Cameron, 19, college student in the Southern US.
I apologize in advance.

Hey Daddy (Daddy's Home)
Raymond v Raymond
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I just wanna get your attention…

“I stopped going to therapy
because I knew my therapist was right
and I wanted to keep being wrong.
I wanted to keep my bad habits
like charms on a bracelet.
I did not want to be brave.
I think I like my brain best
in a bar fight with my heart.
I think I like myself a little broken.
I’m ok if that makes me less loved.
I like poetry better than therapy anyway.
The poems never judge me
for healing wrong.”

idk if anyone will care

but as of today I am a year clean of SH


this was the best ending to any movie ever. ever. 

no one can convince me otherwise. 


This is my rapist. His name is Josh Goldsmith. He is 20 years old. He lives in Romford, Essex, England, and will be relocating to the University of Lincoln, to study I.T in September. The only reason I’m posting this now is because he fully intends to look for girls to date whilst he’s studying, which would be an extremely dangerous situation for her. This is being posted to spread awareness for anyone attending the University so as to avoid this man. He’s completely aware of what he’s done. 

Facebook; https://www.facebook.com/josh.goldsmith.58?fref=ts

Tumblr; http://shippage.tumblr.com


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I was drunk again, causing accidents. Oh, you’re not a friend, you’re nothing.

Maybe now you’ll listen. Maybe now you’ll use your damn head. You know, you never believed in me. You were never grateful for anything I did for this family. "Oh, no. Walt. Walt, you have to stop. You have to stop this. It’s immoral. It’s illegal. Someone might get hurt." You’re always whining and complaining about how I make my money, just dragging me down. While I do everything. And now– now you tell my son what I do after I’ve told you and told you to keep your damn mouth shut. You stupid bitch. How dare you?